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Premium NFPA 13 Systems in Hayward

Dyr Pipe Spinkler
J&C Safety 1st Fire Protection Inc. can conduct inspections, maintenance and repairs for many types of sprinklers in Hayward and surrounding neighborhoods. One of these is the dry sprinkler system. Designed as a solution for spaces that are susceptible to freezing, these pipes are filled with pressurized air or nitrogen rather than water. The air holds a pipe valve in a closed position so that water is prevented from entering the pipes. This sprinkler system is most often used to eliminate the possibility of water freezing inside of the pipes. Some of the most appropriate settings for this dry system sprinkler include:
  • Attics without insulation
  • Industrial and manufacturing buildings
  • Loading docks
  • Parking garages
  • Walk-in freezers and coolers
  • Warehouses

Things to Consider Before Installation

  • Due to the specialized applications that this system is intended for, there are several points to consider before planning the installation of a dry fire sprinkler in San Francisco and Union City buildings:
  • Additional complexity – More control equipment and components involved might also result in decreased reliability.
  • Increased costs – From installation to maintenance, the complexity and labor-intensive nature of this equipment increase the costs.
  • Reduced design flexibility - The ability to make system additions or to control design changes is significantly reduced, if not eliminated, because of strict requirements governing them.
  • Potential for corrosion – After the pipes have been used, any remaining water must be thoroughly evacuated. Sitting water leads to corrosion and possible failure.
  • Longer response time – A crucial 60 seconds is added to the time a sprinkler opens and water is directed to the flames. This can significantly increase the amount of damage experienced.

Serving the Entire San Francisco Bay Area

Contact J&C Safety 1st Fire Protection Inc. for questions regarding these systems and fire pump testing in Hayward, East Bay, Union City and San Francisco. Our number is 510-293-0976.
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