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Protecting Buildings With Deluge Systems in the Entire San Francisco Bay Area

Power Plant
A deluge sprinkler system is different from a conventional fire sprinkler system in the way that the nozzles open along the pipes. The traditional fire system activates sprinklers where needed and with a slight delay. When a deluge system is activated, water flows through every discharge opening of the pipes almost immediately. A standard design is made up of a control valve, a detection unit and a dedicated water supply. Some deluge programs include the combination of a foam concentrate and a powerful flow of water. J&C Safety 1st Fire Protection Inc. of Hayward is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide installation, maintenance or service for your deluge system.

Fire Containment for Hazardous Spaces

This type of system is designed for use in high hazard settings. The large number of open sprayers along the pipes open simultaneously when triggered by the drop in air pressure caused by heat and flames. As the pressure against the diaphragm valve within the system releases the discharge valves, water is released to quickly control and extinguish the flames. When foam is added to the mix, this disaster prevention system is particularly appropriate for many specialized commercial and industrial establishments. For example, the designs are often used in high hazard areas, such as:
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Chemical storage
  • Processing facilities
  • Power plants

Serving the Entire San Francisco Bay Area

At J&C Safety 1st Fire Protection Inc., we know that emergencies almost always catch you off guard. With the right prevention and containment systems in place, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that you are adequately prepared. Let our team of experts choose the right system for your property. We offer our inspection and repair services to communities in and around Hayward, Union City, Alameda County and San Francisco. Do you need a hydrant flow test ?Give us a call at 510-293-0976.
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