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Flow Testing in the Entire Bay Area

Fir Hydrant
Adequate water flow from hydrants is crucial to fighting fires. Who monitors the maintenance and hydrant inspection for public systems? At J&C Safety 1st Fire Protection Inc., we conduct a hydrant flow test to measure the amount of flow at each unit. We deliver peace of mind to the residents of Hayward and surrounding communities by providing the fire hydrant testing and maintenance necessary to ensure water will be there when emergencies occur.

Inspection Data for Fire Protection Bureaus & Building Designers

There are two important steps involved in a fire hydrant flow test. The first is the inspection. This includes:
  • Determining accessibility
  • Inspecting for leaks at vulnerable points
  • Assessing the condition of gaskets
  • Inspecting for cracks in the barrel, tightness of outlets, worn nozzle threads and worn operating nuts
  • Checking the availability of an operating wrench
After the inspection is concluded, hydrant testing begins. The flow test includes:
  • Opening the unit to determine the ease of operation
  • Flushing out the system
  • Ascertaining the levels of static, residual and flow pressures
  • Completing a written report of the test
Once this fire hydrant service has been performed, the collected data can be provided to local fire protection bureaus, building designers and water service planners.

Serving the Entire San Francisco Bay Area

Are you sure that there will be plenty of water to save your home and family? What about your business? Protect the people and things that are important to you by working with J&C Safety 1st Fire Protection Inc. to schedule protective hydrant service. Contact us today to learn more about our work in Hayward, Union City, Alameda County and San Francisco. Also ask about our dry sprinkler system. Our number is 510-293-0976.
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